Best Shoulder Pulleys for Frozen Shoulder for 2022

Shoulder pulleys are an inexpensive and effective treatment tool for treating frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) at home.

Shoulder pulleys are also referred to as doorway pulleys and over-the-door pulleys.

The most important consideration for choosing a pulley system is durability and smoothness of movement.

Best Overall Pick – Shoulder Pulley in 2022

Vive Shoulder Pulley

The Vive Shoulder Pulley System is a budget-friendly and comfortable option. The shoulder pulley system from Vive costs $14.99.

What We Liked
If you're on a budget but still need a shoulder pulley, this is a great option. The frame is made of lightweight, yet sturdy materials that keep you stretching and strengthening safely. It's comfortable to use because of its soft padded handles that will prevent you from straining when pulling.

Lifeline Shoulder Pulley

The Lifeline Shoulder Pulley also comes with extra soft handles to make it easier on your hands.

What We Liked
The Lifeline Shoulder Pulley System is the ideal solution if you have arthritis in your hands. It includes a variety of attachments, including an assistive grip. The grip attachment not only aids in relieving pain but also provides stability for your hands. Keeping your hands stationary, will also help to support any weak joints and ultimately reduce strain overall.

RangeMaster BlueRanger™ Shoulder Pulley

Affordable, simple, and effective, this shoulder therapy system is highly recommended by physical therapists at every stage of shoulder rehabilitation.

What We Liked
RangeMaster BlueRanger™ Shoulder Pulley is made with high-quality materials, meaning it will last longer and perform better than cheaper pulleys on the market. The most crucial aspect of a home exercise program is the equipment's safety. Rangemaster's resistance is set so low that it's unlikely to fail under load, which makes it safe for usage after rotator cuff repair surgery or frozen shoulder rehabilitation.

BodyHealt Overhead Shoulder Pulley

The BodyHealt is one of the lightest and simplest to set up on the market. The finest alternative for travel or on-the-go usage is the BodyHealt pulley system.

What We Liked
The BodyHealt pulley system is simple to set up regardless of your location - be it at home, in a hotel, or even at a friend's house. The ability to utilize a door bracket or strap means that most basic doors can be used with this system. The 5-ounce weight and easy setup with the bracket or strap over any standard door allow for this device to be brought along on any journey.

TheraBand Shoulder Pulley

The Ropes Are Color-Coded to Help You Keep Your Progress. The ropes are color coded to keep you on track with your development.

What We Liked
This TheraBand pulley system is made of high-quality materials and is durable. You can start at the appropriate resistance for you with color-coded ropes, as well as measure your progress by seeing which colored bands you use. The smooth, easy-to-use pulley wheels are perfect for anyone looking for a safe workout.

Final Verdict

"I bought this RangeMaster BlueRanger™ Shoulder Pulley system for my physical therapy clinic because of how well it has worked in the past. The shoulder pulley system is a great choice for anyone dealing with a frozen shoulder. It's easy to set up and use, and it's very effective in helping to loosen up the shoulder and improve the range of motion. I prefer the web straps to metal attachments since they fit different doorframes more easily."